Student Responsibilities

Responsibility Matters

We encourage all students to thoroughly review the information below regarding student responsibilities and other additional guidelines set forth by The E.D.P School.

Attitude Is Everything

The word “attitude” has been defined as “a manner of acting, feeling, or thinking that show one’s disposition, opinion or personality.” Attitude, needless to say, manifests itself in the way a person behaves, conducts himself/herself, and mannerisms. While skills and appearance have definite impact on your success, your attitude, as reflected in your behavior and relationship with others, may make the difference after the other requirements are satisfied.

Your education at The E.D.P. School should be viewed as a training opportunity for many of the skills you will need to compete and succeed in the business world. Students are encouraged to conduct themselves in class and throughout school premises in a manner reflecting a positive self-image, and in a way that will draw only positive attention to the school.

Code of Conduct

Each student is expected to observe and respect The E.D.P. School’s Codes of Conduct, which include the following:

  • Class Interruptions – talking while class is in session, or while the Instructor is speaking, or while another student is speaking, is not allowed. Talking should be limited to asking and answering questions related to classwork. It talking becomes necessary, be mindful that it may be distracting to the rest of the class, wasting valuable time and taking attention away from classwork. It should be kept in as low a voice as possible or saved for break periods.
  • Eating – is not permitted during class hours. Eating should be limited to the lunch hour break.
  • Smoking – is prohibited at all times.
  • Loitering – creates an unfavorable impression of both the school and students. Students are encouraged to leave the school premises unless en-route to or attending classes or actively using the school’s facilities for academic purposes.
  • Spitting and chewing gum are both completely forbidden on school premises.


A respected expert on the subject of corporate style and etiquette notes, “Your work should speak for itself and stand on its own merits, but your appearance does have an effect. The way you look communicates that you are a professional. Since the first job has traditionally been a stepping stone to higher level positions, this is an especially important point to remember.

Students are expected to dress in a manner befitting the real job style and to project an image of professionalism. This does not suggest that you purchase a new wardrobe, but rather coordinate clothes that will enhance your job prospects.


The E.D.P. School takes disrespect of all students very seriously. You will be disciplined and/or suspended if you display verbal or physical disrespect to instructors, employees or to other students.

School Statements

The School reserves the right at any time to make appropriate changes deemed advisable in policies, procedures, and information contained in this publication including admissions requirement, tuition/fees, and diploma/certificate requirements, without formal notice. The School reserves the right to limit registration for courses, to discontinue courses for which there is insufficient enrollment, and to change times and/or Instructor assignments.


  • No student shall interfere with the conduct of the affairs of the School or educational process.
  • Students shall obey all instructions of faculty and administrative personnel.
  • Students shall not occupy any facilities without prior permission and shall not block entrance or exit therefrom.
  • Children are not permitted in the school.

Equal Opportunity

The E.D.P. School will not discriminate on the basis of race, marital status, handicap, religion, national origin, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

Personal Property

The E.D.P. School accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal property of staff or student.

Late Enrollment

Applicants may be admitted into the program up to five (5) calendar days after the start of the term. All missed classes must be made up. After this five day-period, no student shall be admitted into the term.

Non-Harassment Policy

It is our policy to prohibit harassment of one student by another or employee on any basis including, but not limited to, age, race, color, handicap, national origin, religion and/or sexual orientation. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate an individual’s personal morality. Rather, it is assuring that in this school, no individual harasses another on any of that basis.