Consumer Information

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

Please find below detailed information regarding The E.D.P. School’s “Financial Aid Disclosures,” “Federal Disclosures” and other related consumer information.

Accreditation Update

If any student has a complaint relating to The E.D.P. School’s Title IV eligibility, administration of the Title IV programs, the quality of education received at The E.D.P. School, or otherwise relating to the accreditation standards of A.C.I.C.S they can submit that complaint to:

The E.D.P. School – Felix Raytsin
1601 Voorhies Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11235
(718) 332-6469

If you require further assistance, please consult the following agencies:

New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
Room 974, Education Building Addition
Albany, New York 12234
Telephone Number: (518) 474-3969
Fax Number: (518) 473-3644

New York Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
116 West 32nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Telephone Number: (212) 643-4760
Fax Number: (212) 645-4765

NY State Office of Consumer Affairs
Consumer Assistance Hotline:
(518) 474-8583
(800) 697-1220

If it is so desired, you may also contact the Office of the Attorney General:

The general helpline phone number is 1-800-771-7755.
TDD/TTY Toll Free Line: 1-800-788-9898

Additionally, you may also write to the following address:

Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341

The E.D.P. School is undergoing the process of accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Please click here for more information regarding Middle States Accreditation.

Protecting Your Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

E.D.P. is exceptionally careful in protecting the personal information of our students. We do not share your private information and we maintain an information security policy (privacy policy) in compliance with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. You can find out more about our privacy policy here.

Jeanne Clery Campus Security Report and Policy

The security policies at E.D.P. are designed to protect the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors, including providing timely notifications in safety emergencies. This page also details the history of crimes and other offenses at our school over the past three calendar years. For more information regarding the Jeanne Clery Campus Crime Report, please follow this link.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The employers that hire our graduates are tough on drug abuse, and so are we. E.D.P. has a strong Policy on Drugs and Alcohol to protect the safety of our students, faculty and staff. More information about our drug and alcohol policy can be found here.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide his/her diploma, academic transcript, or other documents to the School. All high school credential documents will be examined for both the authenticity of the documents and the legitimacy of the issuing institution. E.D.P. reserves the right to request to view original documents and/or to request confirming documentation directly from the issuing institution/entity.

Services to Students with Disabilities

The E.D.P. School will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. It should be noted that due to the technical nature of our programs, some places within our facilities are not accessible to mobility-impaired persons. Further, students with disabilities must be physically able to complete the training program with reasonable accommodations. Also, certain physical and intellectual abilities are bonafide occupational qualifications and thus certain disabilities might disqualify a student from any potential employment.

Student Right-To-Know Act Disclosures

Information about the Graduation/Retention Rates for students enrolled at E.D.P., and other important school information is stored at the National Center for Education Statistics web site. For more information, please visit the National Center for Education Statistic’s website by clicking here.

Transfer of Credit Policy

This link provides our policy on accepting credit for previous training, and a notice about the transferring of E.D.P. credits to other colleges. For more information about our policy regarding the transferring of credits, please follow this link.

Copyright Infringement

The E.D.P. School takes copyright infringement infractions very seriously and we have a strict policy against any and all copyright infringement, including the illegal downloading and/or sharing of electronic media files. For a complete review of our copyright infringement policy, please follow this link.

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Title IV Eligibility

It is important for students to understand the School’s academic policies. The E.D.P. School maintains academic standards and performance measures to ensure that our graduates are well prepared to succeed in the workplace. For a detailed breakdown of Satisfactory Academic Progress and Title IV Eligibility, please click here.

Citizenship & Voting

E.D.P. encourages students to be active participants in the American political system as part of being responsible members of their community. Further, each year the school celebrates “Constitution Day” on September 17 and offers activities to educate our students about the U.S. system of government and their role within it. For more information about voting, please click this link.

Financial Aid Code of Ethics

The E.D.P. School has created a set of rules for our interactions with student loan lenders to ensure that our students are always given unbiased advice about utilizing education loan providers. The Financial Aid Code of Ethics can be viewed here.

Cost & Net Price

The E.D.P. School provides an electronic net-price calculator on our  website. The Net-Price Calculator can be found here.

Withdrawal, Refund & Return to Title IV Policies

These policies are applicable for students who withdraw or otherwise fail to complete their program of study at E.D.P. For information regarding withdrawals, tuition refund policies and associated Title IV policies can be found by clicking this link.

The Rights and Responsibilities of a Financial Aid Recipient

Using financial aid is a serious responsibility. It is very important that you understand your responsibilities as a recipient of Federal Student Aid, and that you know your rights. The E.D.P. School has assembled a Rights & Responsibilities webpage to ensure that you understand these important concepts.

Performance Information Disclosure (2016 Campus Accountability Report)

Please review the info-graphic below:

Or download here: The E.D.P. School 2016 Campus Accountability Report