ESL & Business Communications

There are many ways learning English as a second language can help you with career goals. This course has two major components (ESL & Business Communications) and is divided into multiple units to allow students of various levels to acquire necessary communication (both written and oral) skills. Course units range from developing fluency in speaking and writing using basic English grammar through enhancing student’s grammatical skills while teaching business terms, business communication principles, and establishing written communication standards in preparation for the real-world workplace.

Students learning English in the ESL course.

Finally, the “Human Relations” unit is designed to provide basic principles from the behavioral sciences that apply to establishing positive relationships among individuals in the work setting. Through readings, critical thinking/problem solving, writing, role-playing, and case studies, students will develop basic human relations skills essential to effectively functioning in the modern workplace.

Job Prospects

Bright Outlook occupations are expected to grow rapidly in the next several years and will have a large number of job openings, or are new and emerging occupations. A certificate in ESL & Business Communications typically allows for various employment positions which often include managing and leadership strategies.

Once a student has completed the core requirements needed to obtain a certificate in ESL, they will posses the benefit of increased marketability. This certification can exponentially increase a student’s chances of becoming hired in a profession of their choosing while also increasing their starting salaries. If English is not your first or “native” language, the benefits of obtaining certification in an ESL class will greatly increase job opportunities.

A certificate in Business Communications typically allows for employment positions that include managing and leadership strategies. The skills learned in business communications courses lend themselves particularly well to business management positions. Some career options might include promotion managers, marketing managers, and public relations managers, just to name a few.

A Look at ESL & Business Careers

  • Library Assistants, Clerical
  • Receptionists and Information Clerks
  • Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants
  • Insurance Policy Processing Clerks
  • Office Clerks (General)

Salaries and Payscales

  • Salaries shown are in thousands of dollars (USD).

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Gainful Employment Disclosures

The E.D.P. School begins contacting our students between 60-180 hours after the completion of the program. At this time, we request information on students current employment status and if students have not yet obtained a position within their field, the school assists with job placement initiatives. We calculate our job placement rates by dividing the number of placed students with number of students enrolled in the program. There are currently no GE disclosures as we only recently began enrollment for this program. Please check back for additional data in the upcoming year.