Our School’s Mission Statement & Beliefs

The E.D.P. School’s Mission Statement

At The E.D.P. School, our mission, through a collaboration of our staff, educators and external community is to provide our students with a strong academic foundation along with skills-based, practical training. Our goal is to prepare our students to become productive members and leaders in their respective industries. By staying true to these values and commitment to our diverse student population E.D.P. School strives to prepare our students with a lifelong foundation in their chosen career.

The E.D.P. School is organized around a series of well-defined core beliefs that define our daily interactions with students, staff and our external community. Our Core Belief Statement expresses our views on education, community outreach and life-long connections with our alumni. The Core Beliefs statement shall serve as the guiding principles of the E.D.P. School.

Achieve Your Dreams and Find Success Through The E.D.P. School

It Is Our Belief…

  • To provide all students with the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential and ensuring that there is no discernible difference between the achievement levels of students by race, gender or economic level.
  • To create a hands-on, living-learning environment will prepare our students for employment and to become an integral member of the external community.
  • To ensure a supportive, nurturing environment for all students and staff to allow for an open collaboration of ideas and expression.
  • To prepare our students for employment in the community by utilizing applied learning and creating a hands-on integrated living-learning environment.

The Profile of an E.D.P. School Graduate

  • A well-rounded individual prepared to meet their personal and career goals with a solid foundation of practical knowledge of their chosen career path.
  • An individual prepared to contribute their skills to thoughtful and sound decision making in the community.
  • A critical thinking, practical knowledge based individual who can address the day-to-day needs of their chosen profession.
  • Ability to utilize learned communication skills necessary for their continuous personal and professional development.
  • An individual with a self-awareness of learned skills, techniques, and self-disciplined to successfully set personal and professional goals.

Revised statement, implemented and accepted August 1st, 2017; The E.D.P. School Board of Trustees