Remembering Our Beginnings

As we look back at providing 20 years of academic service to the community, all of us at The E.D.P. School would like to take a moment to reflect and share the story behind our humble beginnings.

In 1994, long before The E.D.P. School was even a thought in anyone’s mind, Felix Raytsin founded “Evolutionary Data Progressive Systems Incorporated” (EDPSI) as an employment placement agency for full-time and consulting professionals. EDPSI specialized in matching Information Technology professionals, such as Computer Programmers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Business Analysts, System Architects and other related professionals, with rewarding employment opportunities.

Over time, EDPSI grew to become one of the leading job placement agencies in the tri-state area. While searching for talented job-seekers to place, the EDPSI staff noticed that many existing clients wanted to advance in their fields but were not receiving adequate training opportunities from their respective employers. Seeing the need for skills-upgrade training, Felix Raytsin partnered with another information technology expert, Natalia Nevidomsky, to form EDP Computer Consulting Inc. EDP Computer Consulting specialized in training employed IT professionals who needed to upgrade their skillsets or wanted to specialize in other areas of Information Technology. EDP Computer Consulting was receiving a lot of recommendations from former trainees. However, a lot of interested students had to be turned away because they did not qualify for the State Education Department’s exemption status. At that point, the founding partners of EDP Computer Consulting realized their community was in need of more comprehensive courses and a broader range of programs. Academic options were needed that could be offered to all types of students and not strictly information technology professionals.

This is how The E.D.P. School was born.

In 2001, New York State’s Education Department granted The E.D.P. School a license to operate as a career school supervised by NYSED’s Bureau of Proprietary Schools Supervision. As professionals in the technology fields, both Mr. Raytsin and Mrs. Nevidomsky recognized that entry-level candidates who had attended other schools were prepared in matters of theory, but often lacked the valuable practical skills needed to advance their careers. As one of its most important goals, The E.D.P. School has made it a priority to provide students with an array of practical skills as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed. The E.D.P. School hires teachers with real work experience in the fields in which they teach, with nearly all of our instructors working in the industries they teach by day, and instruct students on campus at night. We strongly believe this approach to be one of the primary advantages that sets our school apart from so many others, and a key reason why we have excelled in providing quality education for 20 years.